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East Peoria's Number One Sports Bar and Grill

Meadows Avenue Tap in East Peoria, IL

How many bars offer a discreet gambling experience where you can gamble in a semi private room away from the nosey bar patrons? There's at least one - and it's right in your backyard!

Meadows Avenue Tap is not only known for its great drinks and food, it's also known for the discreet gambling it provides.

You can have a blast in one of our pool tournaments, win unlimited money on the slots, enjoy an inexpensive yet delicious meal or just kick back and watch some football on Sundays. Ladies, while you play the slots your husband can be shooting some rounds of pool with his friends. Meadows Avenue Tap has anything you need for a great night out. You will feel welcome and safe. - come visit us!             

Customers have won over $20 MILLION on our slots. Wow!!


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Why Choose Us

  • Food, Fun and Beer

    We have everything a person could want in a bar. There are televisions everywhere to watch sporting events, excellent food and service, competitive pool tournaments, dart tables and much more.

  • Easy on Your Wallet

    With the numerous food and drink specials we run weekly and daily, our customers are treated to great deals every single time they come in. You can visit by yourself or with the whole family to enjoy the great value we offer.

  • Big Payouts in East Peoria

    At Meadows Avenue Tap, we think if you're going to gamble - go big or go home. Our discreet gaming offers a semi-private area where you can leave the distractions of the bar and really focus on winning. This is why we think our payouts are top in East Peoria month after month. We want to make sure our customers have a superior gambling experience and you can't do that with nickels and dimes.

About Us

Meadows Avenue Tap has been serving the East Peoria, IL community since it opened in 1971 (originally called Bill and Mary's). We aim to provide a great time for our customers without hitting their pockets too hard. We also strive to provide different types of entertainment, so the fun at Meadows Avenue Tap never stops. Add that with great tasting food and affordable drinks, and you end up with the best neighborhood sports bar and grill in the area.

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The highlight of your week is just a few minutes away. Visit Meadows Avenue Tap in East Peoria, IL today for great deals on food, drinks, and games. You won't find a better time at any other bar in the area.

  • Gambling
  • Pool and Darts
  • Twelve Flat Screen TVs for Sports
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